Wednesday, March 2, 2011

奈要结婚了 / 奈 Got Married


This morning, I had received an email from 奈. We got to know each other at either the end of 2007 or early 2008. She came to Singapore to study English. After that she returned back to Japan. At first, we still kept in touch on and off. She had also facebook account at the time. Later on she closed it around 1 year ago. After that we completely lost touch. It’s really a surprise for me to reconnect her back and came to know that she will tie her knot this coming April. I felt really happy for her. Below is her message:

Hi jxxxx san,how are you?
Sorry I haven't contacted you for so long!
How's it going?
Today,I have an announcement for you.
On April,I get married.
Please let me inform you of my wedding ceremony and party as follows.
kkr Tokyo hotel.
It's my great pleasure to invite you at my wedding party.
You may be busy, but I'd be happy if you can be present at our wedding party.
Please receive my warmest welcome.
Thanking for you reply by 12 this month.

As I need to go to visit my mama in June, I emailed her to see whether I could visit her in April instead. Meanwhile, I could also see the famous cherry blossoms that I always dreamt to see. On 11/3 a sudden and very powerful earthquake struck Japan accompanied by a tsunami. But that was not the worst. Due to the nuclear leakage, Japan is no longer safe to visit.

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