Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are They Fated? / 奇妙的缘


Some of my colleagues were fascinated with photography. They invited me to be their model. As I didn’t have a digital camera myself and was quite free at the time, I thought, why not? It was quite a tiring job. After finishing a half day’s shooting I reached home and soon fell asleep. One of my female colleagues saw the photos that I had uploaded, she asked me why had I not invited her to come along too. When I accidentally mentioned that a friend of my colleague’s wife had passed away not very long ago, she became very curious and asked to be introduced. “I will give you a fancy dinner as a treat once successful.” “There’s nothing much to eat here in Singapore. I will consider if you invite me to go to China and give me a treat there. Of course you will have to pay for my air ticket and my hotel stay.” I just teased her. “Deal.” In the following few days, I didn’t have a chance to meet that colleague. She was a bit worried. “How’s our feast going?” “I haven’t met him yet. Give me a few more days. No worries.” But since then, day after day passed and there was still no news. Maybe she thought the incentive was not enough to get me motivated. So she upgraded her offer to a S$5,000 luxury travel package! On top of that, I could bring a partner and she would pay half of the cost for him/her. Maybe it was just a coincidence, or maybe it was God’s arrangement, but not long after this, I met my colleague again. He is a rather warm hearted kind of fellow and made immediate arrangements for an appointment. Now there is no need for her to ask me about how the luxury trip is going, because happiness is written on her face. She is busy preparing for her coming wedding. I’ll update you more once they marry. So don’t go away, and stay tuned.


As I mentioned above, they will register on 22/11/11. Wedding cemenony will be held on 11/03/12.